Insert welcome message to your blog using simple javascript


Generally whenever we visit any blogs we see the welcome message written by the admins of the blog (like Thanks for visiting my blog) to pass their message to the visitors and they generally use the marquee tag for displaying the welcome message in various styles but today In this tutorial I am going to teach you to write the welcome message in a different way using simple javascript which will help your blog to stand as a different in a crowds of blogs.
1. Sign in to blogger
2. Go to design>Edit HTMl
3. Find the given tag (press ctrl + F to open the find box and copy the code to find box for quick finding)

4. Now copy this code given below and paste above that tag </body> 

5. Replace the text Insert your welcome message here.

6. Then save it

<script language=”javascript”>
alert(“Insert your welcome message here”)

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6 Responses

  1. chaip says:

    Nice Tip. Thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. jyotikattna says:

    very informative nice really great

  4. hot or not says:

    Favorable idea and tips. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and thoughts.

  5. Bikash Thapa says:

    Thank You Very Much for Nice Tips.

  6. Bikash Thapa says:

    Thank You Very Much for Nice Tips.

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