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Add Continuous Slideshow to your blog

Many of the bloggers have no idea about the hacks for adding slideshow feature to their blog even if; their blog template doesn’t support slideshow. If they need slideshow feature in their blog, they begin to search for new slideshow featured template. They even have no idea that they can...


Multi-Level Drop Down Menus for your Blog

  Many of the bloggers finds difficulty to manage their Navigation Menus because of  numerous labels and links. Due to which their blog looks dull and messed. Beside this the blog readers also finds difficulty to find the required labels and links. So in this post I am going to...


Stunning floating follow me button for Blogger

Almost every Bloggers take the help of Social Networking sites (like:- Facebook,Twitter) to promote their blog.Therefore almost in all of the blog we can find the follow me button  either of Facebook or Twitter. In this post I am going to indrouce a stunning floating follow me button which  helps...