How to change the favicon of your blog/site ???


Favicon means the logo/symbol which represents the
site.For example is favicon of Facebook, is favicon of Google.Generally the
Blogger favicon is and the favicon is displayed on the address
bar of the browser like this

But if you want to change the favicon of your blog
or want to keep the favicon as your wish in your blog,then follow the following
1.First upload the image you want to keep favicon on
the uploading site :- Photo Bucket or others.
2.After uploading your image, you will get the link
like this
3.Now sign in
·      Go
to design
·      Go
to Edit Html
4.Find the given Tag (press ctrl + F to open the
find box and copy the code to find box for quick)
5.Before just keep/copy the given
code(replace ‘Your url’ with your image url)
<link href=’Your url’ rel=’shortcut icon’ type=’image/’/>
6.Look in the image as I have done
7.Save the template and open your blog.Look I have
replaced the blogger favicon with mine


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