Tribute to MR.APPLE



This October, the world experienced a deep shock of
untimely demise of Steve jobs, former CEO of the Techno Giant Apple. This
tragic passing away of Jobs will have a deep impact on the techno world. “As a technology
analyst, I am sorry for his death. It was jobs’ Apple, not Apple’s Jobs.” said
Kim Young Chan, an analyst at Shinhan Investment in Seoul. Definitely it was
jobs’ Apple, the one which he had established in collaboration with his friend
in his parents (not biological) garage at his 20’s, later which grew into a $2
billion company with over 4,000 employees in just 10 years.


Although it will be like beggars description, this
article is moving around his journey of life from childhood to Manhood.

Jobs’ biological mother was young, unwed college
graduate student who decided to put him for adoption. Inspite of her desire of
adoption of the baby Jobs by a college graduate, she relented baby Jobs only a
few months later when his under graduated parents made a promise that he would
someday go to college.
At 17 he went to Reed College. As he had no idea
what he wanted to do in his life and how college was going to help him to figure
it out, he dropped out of the college. After that he took a calligraphy class
where he learnt about serif and san-serif typefaces, about varying the amount
of spaces between different combinations which fascinated him a lot.
Later he utilized that historical and artistically
subtle serif and san serif typefaces in designing Macintosh computer, the first
computer having multiple typefaces (which established the company).
Due to the dispute, he got fired at the age of 30
from the company which he had started and established. The heaviness of being
successful was replaced by the lightness and turned him to a beginner, less
sure about everything.
Without losing his faith and guts, he started a
company named NeXT, another company named Pixar which went on to create the
world’s first computer animated film, Toy
, and is now the most successful animation studio in the world. In a
remarkable turn of events, Apple bought NeXT and he again returned to Apple in
In the year 2004 he was diagnosed with pancreatic
cancer. After a long battle with pancreatic cancer Jobs, the man known for
minimalist design and marketing genius left the world raising a question in my
mind if anyone can continue the impressive legacy of innovation created by
Steve Jobs or not?? May his departed
soul rest in peace..

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