How to post Blank Status on Social Networking sites (like Facebook)?


Updating New status on Social Networking Sites (like Facebook,Twitter)
has always been fun to us due to which Most of us are sticking the
hours and hours to those so called (UN)Social Networking Sites just
checking the Notifications and counting the likes of their friends,they
got on their Recently updated status.But have you ever thought of Posting Blank Status ????

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personally don’t have any idea ,who was the first to introduce this
tweak.This tweak Works fine on almost every social Networking sites
Like Facebook,Twitter and also other local social networking sites like Meropost(Nepali
Social Networking site).To post the blank status on Social Networking
sites,you don’t need any Facebook application just press Alt + 0173
(Here we needn’t to press + sign from keyboard which refers to
simultaneous pressing of the key Alt and 0173).
That’s it……..Enjoy
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