Tips for Blog Beginners

In this post I am discussing about the basic tips which will help
you to improve your blog visitors if considered while posting new post in your

1. posting
provoking and useful contents

The content plays a vital role in increasing your blog/site
traffic. Until and unless you provide the visitor with provoking and useful
content, they won’t visit your site later (Always keep in mind that why should
I visit your blog if you don’t provide me good post and don’t satisfy me with
your content?) So, instead of focusing on other things of your blog, first
focus on content and try to provide extra-ordinary and useful content.
But in the name of providing provoking content don’t copy the post of another
writer. Copying articles from other may increase your blog traffic for short
period but once your reader discover the source of article, they will navigated
towards the original site which will affect you in Long Run. While writing new
articles do a lot of research and try to award your blog visitors with
something unique considering the followings things to make reader’s friendly
·        Use
·        Use Bulleted Lists,
·        Use keywords
and Description regularly,
·        selectively
bold or emphasize keywords, and
·        Include
images in the body of your post.
2. Using Different
Tracking Tools

There are lots of tracking tools like Google Analyticsclicktalesitemeter etc.The careful use of this
different tracking tool may be boon for your blog to improve your traffic
status. Almost every blog use this tracking tools (Most of them generally use
Google analytics) to track their visitors and their needs. Use of these
different tracking tools may help you to indentify the visitors need so that
you could tailor your article to fulfill their needs and satisfy them.
3. Using Simple and
Neat Layout

Whenever you visit to the blog having great page rank and traffic,
you will notice the use of Unhapazard, neat and simple layout. Some of them may
have hired professional and freelancer for designing their templates but you
don’t need  to hire any professional to design your template, you can
just modify the existing free layout.
But while designing or modifying the existing free layout, don’t make it messy
just using a lot of JavaScript hacks either for animation or for dynamic
effect. What I found during  designing and developing some websites
is that mainly Beginners web-developers  focus more on the dynamic
effects or animation(some even post jpg or gif snapshot of the article instead
of posting it) which will distract the concentration of your visitors.

4. Use of Social Networks

Use of Social Network for promoting the content of your blog will
help you to increase your blog visitors as it helps to share your post among
your blog readers and your friends circle. Beside this you can even submit your
post url to the site likeDel.icio.usStumbleuponTechnorati , digg etc and reach to a group/networks of Readers which will help
you to improve your blog traffic.
5. Link from other

It’s another trick of increasing your blog visitor. Having other
sites linked your blog content will help to drive  traffic to yours
and will help to improve your Blog Page Rank like Google Page Rank, Alexa Page
Rank. Registering your blog to some sites like Bloggers (The Community of
Bloggers), sharing each other’s links, leaving your comment on different blog
post (but not spam) are the other tricks to improve your blog traffic.


This post is written by Tusar Koirala.Tusar koirala is blogger at Nepalcric.

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