Turn an Ordinary Blog into an Extraordinary Website


The great thing about WordPress is that it makes setting up a blog extremely easy and intuitive. However, the negative aspect of WordPress is that it makes creating a blog so simple that everyone has one now. Your content may be much more valuable than another’s bloggers, but it can get lost in the crowd if your site looks like just another bland blogging site. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways that you can transform your blog into a website that is polished, customized, and eye-catching.

There’s nothing wrong with your readers knowing that you are using WordPress to power you blog, but if you simply rely on the pre-set basic themes, and show no variations or originality, you might lose credibility with visitors before you ever have a chance to earn any. A very quick and simple way to instantly set your blog apart is to invest in Professional wordpress themes. Choose a theme that will help you convey your message, compliment the tone of your blog, and allow you to break away from the traditional and boring blog layout.

Once you have found your custom-made theme, there are a few other extremely easy ways you can make your blog look more like a polished website. First of all, avoid calling your site a blog. The word blog has largely become associated with individuals posting personal, and sometimes frivolous entries, almost as if it is an online journal. You can easily change the way your website is viewed by referring to it only as a site, an online community, a network, or a resource for readers. This will immediately brand your site as a more professional and serious entity.

Next, take some time to go through any default titles or headings and make them unique and original. This means going through the default sidebar settings and customizing the categories. If you leave the original WordPress category settings, this is going to be a huge red flag for readers that your site is a pre-set WordPress site.  You can also change the default title and footer texts to make them more original. For example, removing the “Powered by WordPress” text from the footer can have a huge impact on your site’s look and feel.

Ultimately, the key to transforming your blog into a respected website is to customize it as much as possible. WordPress gives you a great platform to work with, but it should only be your starting point. By implementing an original theme, and distancing yourself from the default settings, you will begin to stand out from the crowd.

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