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Your iPhone can do some amazing things, and you might not be aware of all of the great features that it offers. If you want to learn how to use your phone to its fullest, check out some of the fun and interesting things that you can do. If you have an iPhone, you are going to want to use try some of these out right away, and if you don’t have one yet, these tricks will probably want to make you remedy that!
Set a Location Based Reminder
This is one of the most helpful features of the phone for those who are forgetful. Most people know that you will be able to set a reminder with Siri. This is usually time-based. You can also use your location. You could tell Siri to remind you to check the stove when you leave home. The reminder will then alert you to check the stove when you leave the house. You can use this for anything, and it can be a real help.
Easy Wallpaper
Finding the right wallpaper for your iPhone doesn’t have to be impossible. If you’ve been searching the web on Safari for a great photo, and you’ve found something that would make a great phone wallpaper
Phone Screenshots
Have you ever wondered how people have screenshots of their iPhone? Whether you need a screen grab of something on Facebook, a website, or anything else, you will easily be able to get a screen grab of it. You will press and hold the Home button, then the Sleep/Wake Button, which should cause your screen to flash and take a picture. The photo will then appear in the Camera Roll, where you can view it or delete it.
Save a Site to Your Home Screen
If you have sites that you visit regularly, you might not want to go through Safari each time to reach them. Another option is to add the site to your home screen so it will work similar to an app. You simply go to the webpage one time in Safari, tap the Go To button, and then select Add to Home Screen. From then on, you will be able to access that site just as you would one of your apps.
The tips here are just a few of the great features that you will find with the iPhone. The smart phones are getting smarter all the time!


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