NTC Social Network ‘MEET’ Live Now



With Many Nepali Social Network Sites being Closed Citing lack of active Users , Telecom Giant Nepal Telecom(NTC) launches Yet Another Social Network Site Entitled ‘MEET’ Fused with Communication Service ( web SMS , Email ) Usually Referred as Unified Communication System(UCS). Currently MEET is available on two Different Languages Nepali and English(default)

Features of Meets

500 Character Status Update MEET let’s its Users to Update Status but the Character is Limited to Only 500 Characters.The Status Once Posted Cannot be Deleted or Edited forget about the features like tagging friends , Adding Geo Locations and Emotions. Just Plain Status icon sad NTC Social Network MEET Live Now [Review Included]

Upload and View Media MEET let’s its Users to Upload Media (photos and Videos) like that of any other Social Networks. Publish Blog , Create Survey and Ask Question Apart From Providing Users with the Experience of Social Networks , it also allows the user to publish their Blog , create Survey and provide a decent platform of Interacting and Discussing about a certain Topic like that of Forums.

Different Updates There is the Separate Boxes for the Latest News Updates, Calender and Clock (around the world) in the Left Rail of the Activity User Interface (Similar to that of Timeline).The Latest News Section provides the Feed of the Different News Site.(Currently only of Nagarik News). sms-feature-meet

Communication System As of Today Only Web SMS is the feature available to it’s users. But possibly might be expanded up to VOIP Services .

Disk Storage MEET Provides the Storage Faciltiy to its users.Currently Provides a Disk Space of 1 GB but possibly might be expanded and lets users to Upload files.

Some Unusal Features

Text Area (Ckeditor) in Comment Section Instead of a Text Box for Comment Section , a Text Area has been included which allows user not only to upload media files but also other files. I tried Uploading a php file and BOOM a Success message was Flashed.


There is Slide Show Section above the Top of the Body part.Except in the profile page , the carousel appears in every page.Possibly the Carousel is for the Advertisers Across the Platform.Currently the Logo and Advertisement Slides of NTC runs in that section.

Comment and Status Once Posted cannot be Edited or Deleted.

User won’t be able to Know who Liked their Status.

Some Reviews About Meet On Meet itself.

Yes, so many flaws left. They need to rectify them before the official launch. Also UI/UX need to be improved in regular basis like FB did , If meet wants to compete with FB.


review of meet by dinesh

This Meet should use professional engine if it is actually want to b professional. Status cant b deleted, couldnot see who liked the status., chat doesnt work, web sms not available in app., always need to log in even not logged out, very poor interface design, and there are many other problems. Not good site with very poor security.


It is too early to Judge Whether the new Social Media By Telecom Giant NTC is Ambitious or Ambiguous . We Let Our Readers to decide it 🙂

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